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An Old Weasel

The old Monogram Weasel brings back many memories as I have built several over the past 40 years or so. Wow, a record perhaps but now I have one to show off, and in better shape than ever along with the priceless original box for sale if anyone is willing to pay big bucks for the box-top only! Highest bid wins.

At any rate the build was straight forward with no fit problems and then the fun began with putting troops in it. The kit issued troops, again a collector’s dream are for sale as well, not cheap but worth something. I replaced the radio as it was needed on another model and the troops are from a mix of the Tamiya Half Track rider set and highly modified along with a driver figure of mixed origin. As with every model and diorama I use all water-based craft paints, wood caulking and other acrylic products as these are all inexpensive and easily cleaned up after. I airbrushed the Weasel and hand-painted the figures, after which I placed them in logical positions in the Weasel.

Keeping in mind that this is a very rare kit and almost impossible to get from a regular hobby shop you will have to most likely go to E-bay, not a bad choice considering I am keeping an ad in place at least once a month for “Hobbies in a Barn” for the purpose of locating, custom building and shipping all explained in the ad or by contacting me through email or on the Facebook pages I have.  So take a look if you haven’t already and see what is there for possible ideas for you own collection. As one of the members of my other Facebook page, “Building Historic Dioramas” stated, “John, you are not a modeler, you are an artist that just happens to build models”,  Chuck Evans..

Thank  you all and enjoy,



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John Staehle

I have a fully equipped shop for the purpose of creating military diorama scenes as well as free-standing models. Additional projects include small modular railroad section construction.