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AMT 1/25 Batwing

The Batwing was Batman’s custom-built air combat vehicle. The craft was fully armed with miniguns and missiles. It is unknown where the vehicle was stored, but it was presumably kept somewhere near the grounds of Wayne Manor or in the Batcave. Batman’s first known use of the Batwing was after Joker’s rise to power, during his takeover of Gotham’s 200th Anniversary Parade. Batman used it to dispose of the Joker’s balloons filled with “Smylex” gas that he was using to kill everyone in the crowd.

Batman started by opening fire on some of Joker’s goons and floats. He then extended a grabbing arm on the nose the Batwing, and used it to grip the wires of the balloons and pull them above the clouds, saving a majority of the crowd from the gas the were dispensing.

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  • Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in black and clear
  • Detailed cockpit with targeting computer flip up gatling gun
  • Articulated wire cutter
  • Full color Gotham City backdrop
  • Batman figure
  • Waterslide decals
  • Illustrated instructions
  • Scale: 1/25
  • Skill level: 2
  • MSRP: $32.99
  • Street Price $28.99 (approx)

When I opened the box from Round 2 Models they really surprised me with their new 1/25 Batwing. Unless you have been cryogenically frozen since 1989, this is the Batwing featured in the movie Batman with Michael Keaton and directed my none other than the great Tim Burton. This is the second release of this model kit and it should be hitting your local hobby shops by the time of this entry.

The kit is nicely injected with minor flash showing mostly on the sprues rather than the parts themselves. What’s new on this release is a beautifully printed backdrop of Gotham city. The cockpit is sparsely detailed. It gets a bit populated via waterslide decals. It is however a blank canvas for super detailing.  A beautiful base molded with the iconic Bat-symbol is included. It is not included here however because it will require more work in order to accommodate the 9v battery holder that will power up the lights. Speaking of lights the wings have a Microlitz LED on each wing and a regular 3mm blue flickering LED.

The whole model kit was painted with Testors Flat Black Enamel spray and Testors Euro Gray was used in the cockpit. Polly Scale Grimy Black was used for the paneling and more Euro Gray was used to depict weathering lines. I have made arrangements with our local hobby shop to exhibit this kit in their show case by the store entrance.


If you’re a Batman fan you don’t want miss this model kit. For those of us willing to put together and detail anything made from styrene do yourself a favor and get one yesterday. It builds very nice with little filling. There is a natural line on the wings to deal with but nothing an old #11 blade can’t handle.

Highly Recommended!

My sincere thanks to Round2 Models for the review sample.

Pictures of the original 1989 Batman’s Batwing filming miniature.

George Collazo
George Collazo

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