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Academy F-15C MSIP II

This is a 1/72 scale replica of the F-15C “California Air National Guard 144th Fighter Wing.” From its detailed cockpit to the carefully reproduced “Turkey Feathers” exhaust nozzle, the kit perfectly captures this twin-engine fighter. The kit can be assembled with canopy open or closed and provides two air intake assembly options. Armament includes AIM 120C and Aim 9X air-to-air missiles. You’ll find precision in the smallest details, including the antenna and drop tank. The kit features Cartograph decals with four marking options.

Academy 1/72 F-15C MSIP II

Here’s another classic bird to keep the 1/72 scale line going. This is the new 1/72 F-15 MSIP II from Academy models. As with the F-14A and USN F-4J, this model features nicely engraved panel and a very clean molding.

The kit is not high in parts number but still packs great detail for the scale. The cockpit is modestly appointed and as with the previous F-14A and F-4J, this one also is to be displayed with closed cockpit.

Unlike the aforementioned the F-15 MSIP II from Academy lacks the Cartograf decals from which we modelers have become used to on this Special Edition kits. If is of any consolation the included decal sheet comes loaded with stencils. The clear parts are nicely molded with its proper thickness and no injection flow marks.

If you want to add this bird to your 1/72 modern aircraft collection, the Academy F-15 MSIP II will make a nice addition to your shelf.


George Collazo
George Collazo

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