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Academy 1/35 RQ-7B UAV

The recent development and fielding of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) has delivered even more capabilities to our Marines. One such aircraft, the RQ-7B Shadow, is deployed in squadrons as an asset of the Marine Expeditionary Force or Marine Expeditionary Brigade. Designed to provide reconnaissance, relay communications and assist in target acquisition, the RQ-7B Shadow keeps an eye above the battlefield for extended periods of time, constantly relaying information between Marine air and ground controls. The Shadow enhances the capabilities of Marine commanders across the spectrum of military operations and was first deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom in September 2007.

Look for a build review of the Academy RQ-7B UAV  here.

Here we pictures of the sprues that comprise the new Academy 1/35 RQ-7B UAV model kit. Although it is not specified on the box, this kit features Academy’s new MCP or Multi Color Parts kit. The molding is very clean as well as the details on the figures.

The decal set which is printed by Cartograf, provides the common data stenciling plus markings for 3 unknown units deployed in Iraq from 2008 and 2 unknown units also from Iraq in 2011.

There are markings for a Special Troops Battalion 1, Second Brigade Infantry Division, Korea 2011.

Jeannette Valle
Jeannette Valle

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  • Kimchi Shadow

    I flew this aircraft in Korea, tail number 2411, also again a year later when it was refurbished and sent to Afghanistan. we used to use wooden props, but switched to a longer prop that had a synthetic/rubberized laminate.