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1:48 Trumpeter F-100C

Here is a glimpse of what’s going on my workbench. An F-100C from Trumpeter Models with resin seats from Legend.¬† There was a small widget before to announce what was under work, it was recently changed to the Coming Soon widget on the right side of the page. ¬†Shortly after the change, my trip to Puerto Rico kept my writing at bay. I was in the island by the time Isaac was passing by the South. Power and internet service was down. The power service was fixed right away, but the internet service remained down in my area for almost 2 weeks. So, if you have been visiting and haven’t seen anything new, that’s why and yes, the site is alive and kicking.

Back in MN and looking forward to enjoying the upcoming Air Show in Duluth ;o)

George Collazo
George Collazo

George has been hosting review sites and blogging about toy collectibles, travel, digital photography and Nikon digital imaging since 1998. His first model kit build was a Testors 1/35 DODGE WC-54 in 1984.

  • Dale Hutchinson

    I look forward to what you do with this. The kit has taken lumps by many on other sites as to the vert stabilizer, nozzle, and nose inaccuracies, but my build was very enjoyable. Looks like an F-100 to me on completion and the fit was nice. Hope you enjoy the same.

    • George

      It is always nice to read you Dale. So far it has been a pleasure to build this kit. The fit is amazing which is very important if one plans on a NMF. The level of surface detail is also VERY good. I always wanted a 1/48th scale F-100. My only option was a Monogram Century Series off of eBay. Between the fuselage, wings and some other sub assemblies, the Monogram is about 60% built.

      I don’t think the Monogram will be finished, it was sent back to the corner of my closet like 4 months ago. Not a fair comparison I know, but this kit is a great improvement compared to the Monogram and shape wise, the real F-100 is a very slick aircraft and that’s exactly what’s taking shape on my workbench right now. I would have loved to see some details from the Revell-o-Gram on this. I’ll explain later so stick around amigo ;o)