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1/48 Tamiya Sturmgeschutz III Ausf.G

Tamiya Sturmgeschutz III Kit 32540

Of the many assault guns utilized by the Germans in WWII, the most numerous was the Sturmgeschutz III. Based on the durable Panzer III chassis with a completely new superstructure, the revolving turret was eliminated and the short barreled 75mm L/24 gun was mounted directly onto the hull, giving the StuG III an extremely low vehicle profile. Originally intended for close infantry fire support, it was used as self-propelled artillery against enemy strong points. However, when the German forces encountered the Russian KV-I and T-34 tanks on the Eastern front, the situation abruptly changed.

To cope with this Russian tank threat, the Germans were forced to upgrade their existing weapons systems. The resulting StuG III Ausf.G, built from late 1942 onwards, used a more powerful, long barreled 75mm L/48 gun.

  • Assembly model of the Sturmgeschutz III Ausf.G Early Version on a compact 1/48 scale.
  • Realistically replicated gun and square-shaped welded type mantlet.
  • Kit allows choice of either 75mm L/48 gun or 105mm howitzer.
  • Die-cast lower hull for extra weight and enhanced realism
  • Kit includes 1 commander figure (torso).
  • Choice of 3 sets of markings.
  • Kit: 32540
  • MSRP: $37.00 USD.


The Kit:

Here is another palm sized German armor with great detail out of the box. This time we present the 1/48th Sturmgeschutz III Ausf.G (Sd.Kfz.142/1) Fruhe Version. This is stock # 32540 from Tamiya’s MM (Military Miniature Series). As I mentioned before on previous builds from this line, the build is very straightforward. The chassis/hull is presented as a pre-primed die-cast to add ‘mass’ and enhance realism.

Many of the Tamiya 1/48 MM series subjects, feature molded on detail. But also you will find tools, jacks, spare tracks and other accessories molded separate. This particular kit comes with a Tank Commander torso which in my opinion is well moulded and better than nothing.

Almost a dozen Tamiya 1/48 kits later, and I have yet to find one with fit issues worth mentioning here. As I have mentioned before, these kits are quite fun to build and make a nice display alongside your 1/48 German aircraft. If you haven’t build one of these, give them a try but I must warn you. You may get hooked!

My daughter gave me as a gift the Stug III Stowage set from Legend Productions (LF4102). This gave the model an overall great look and there were a few parts leftover including an extra bucket and jerry cans for another kit.

The kit was painted with Tamiya XF-59 and weathered with AK-Interactive washes, rust and grime streak effects. A final light coat of ”Dust Effects” (AK-015) was applied on the side armor plates.

As I explained a few weeks ago on our Facebook page when just 1 picture of this build was shared, it seems overly done. This is an effect of the studio strobe reflecting on the pigment. If there is one product on the AK Interactive line that works very subtle, is the ‘Dust Effects’.


These subjects in this scale are gaining popularity and a plethora of accessories are already available for many popular subjects. Don’t believe me, take a look at what the folks over at Black Dog have available so far and see for yourself. I know that our scale of choice for armor is 1/35th. But give one of these kits a try. You won’t regret it!

Highly Recommended!

George Collazo
George Collazo

George has been hosting review sites and blogging about toy collectibles, travel, digital photography and Nikon digital imaging since 1998. His first model kit build was a Testors 1/35 DODGE WC-54 in 1984.