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1/24 Hasegawa Honda N360

Conceptually similar to the Volkswagen® Beetle, the Honda N360 was a small, light passenger vehicle developed in Japan during the late sixties. It was powered by an air-cooled inline 2-cylinder engine small enough that the spare tire could fit in the hood space next to the engine block. In essence, the purpose of this rather boxy vehicle was to provide an affordable automobile for Japan’s rapidly re-industrializing economy. Kit features decals for two types.

Decal Options:

Type II Super Deluxe
Type II S

A little bit of story thanks to wikipedia : The Honda N360 is a kei car, manufactured and marketed by Honda from March 1967 through 1970. The two-door featured front wheel drive and an air-cooled, four stroke, 354 cc, 31 PS (23 kW) two-cylinder engine, derived from the Honda CB450 motorcycle engine. The displacement was reduced to comply with kei car legislation which limited maximum engine displacement. This same engine was also used in the Honda Vamos, with a beam axle/leaf spring rear suspension. The “N” prefix stands for the Japanese word “norimono” which means “vehicle” in English — as distinct from Honda’s motorcycle production. The exterior dimensions were in compliance with Japanese government regulations concerning kei cars, however, vehicles installed with the 401 cc and 598 cc engines were too large for the category, and were largely intended for international sales.


Scale … 1:24
Item no … HC21(21121)
Estimated No. of parts … 114
Category … Japanese Vintage Car
length …124.5mm
width …54mm

Pedro Negron
Pedro Negron

Started with modeling kits at age of 7 with the Monogram Missouri, continue at age of 12 with the Testor F-14 and many other kits until University, work and marriage put at stop at it. Now I’m back working with kits since 2010, and dealing with every type from Tanks to Scifi, and experimenting a lot with the paintings and weathering looking to achieve life-like models.