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1/72 German U-Boat Type VIIC/41 ”Atlantic Version“

The first of a total of 91 type VII C/41 submarines went into service in the summer of 1943. At that time the operating conditions for the submarine crews had totally changed. The tactic of “hunting in packs” used in 1941-42 only rarely led to the successful tracking of convoys and the sinking of individual ships. Modern escort protection forces were successful in shielded the ships and special sub-chaser fighter planes widely patrolled the sea areas where there were submarines.

German U-Boat Type VIIC/41 ”Atlantic Version“ (Item. No. 05045) in 1:72 Scale: Exclusive Reintro as Limited Edition.

In order to be better able to defend themselves on the surface against surprise attacks from the air, the VII C/41s received an enlarged fin superstructure known as the “large glasshouse”. The so-called fin IV had aft on its upper platform two 20 mm twin anti-aircraft guns and on a lower platform one 37 mm M42U anti-aircraft cannon. Another feature of these submarines was a snorkel mast that could be brought up from the deck when surfaced to take in fresh air and let out the waste air.

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Thus the accumulators could also be operated at higher speed under water and with a full load in daytime. There were 5-man life rafts stored in four water-tight containers on the fore-deck. Thanks to the improvements to structural steel, submarine VII C/41 could dive down to 250 m.

With losses of 44 submarines, by the end of the Battle of the Atlantic, type VII C/41 submarines had damaged or sunk 38 Allied ships with a total GRT of 138,622. 1444 members of VII C/41 crews were killed in battle or in accidents.

-Fin variant with “large glasshouse
-Generally new upper deck to represent wooden deckin
-Movable snorkel mas
-Highly detailed reproduction of hull with rivets and weld
-Atlantic stem-post and changes to upper midships section of hul
-Imitation flooding vents and valve
-Torpedo hatches optionally open or close
-After rudder can be shown movable
-Detailed propeller
-Movable hydroplanes
-Periscope can be extended and retracted in different positions
-Detailed fin platform
-Detailed upper side walls of fin with antennae, compass and hatch
-Detailed FuMO antenna with shaft
-Detailed 20 mm twin anti-aircraft gun on rotary mount
-Separate splash guard on top edge of fin
-Highly detailed 37 mm anti-aircraft cannon with protective shield
-Boat hooks
-Reproduction of 4 pressure tanks on upper deck
-Deflector antennae and insulators
-Display stands with different submarine numbers
-Yarn to reproduce antennae
-Specific decals for the following submarine versions:
U 997, U 995, U 295, U 324, U 307, U 1023, U 1002, U 1105
-Length: 934mm

The kit has been produced exclusively in an one-time-only edition for our customer toys2day and can be ordered there directly. Please note that the shipping costs may vary between the links.

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