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1/35 MechatroWeGo Finished Model

A few weeks ago we posted here at MK Review the all new Mechatro We Go 1/35 scale model kits from Hasegawa. As a Japanese toys and Anime fan, I requested a sample of the kit and our friend Carol happily obliged asking in return that more than an in-box review, they’d like to see the kit assembled. I had no problem with that either, only that I had a small request as well. One of them would be weathered to give it some character and a background story. You know, there is a reason why C-3PO being all gold color had a silver leg in Star Wars Episode IV 😉

The overall molding of these figures is excellent with fine injection gates. The kits are molded in several colors. They are pretty much a ‘Snap’ model which requires no cement.  But since I already have cement and chances are that you as well, it doesn’t hurt to reinforce some joints using cement. This must be done carefully as the figures have articulation on the ‘claws’, elbows and shoulders via ball joint. On their legs they are articulated on the hips (via ball joints) and ankles.  The top dome has articulation as well as the ‘belly” which opens to reveal its ”driver”.

As with the die cast version of these figures, you can also mix and match parts to create your unique Mechatro We Go Robot.

I used my trust Aztek A-470 to paint with Tamiya X-14 Sky Blue and X-17 Pink and X-6 Orange for the clean one. For the weathered Mechatro I used XF-23 Light Blue and a nice assortment of weathering products courtesy of AK Interactive. The figures are supplied with the kits and they were painting with and assortment of Vallejo Colors courtesy of my ever thinning wallet at my local hobby shop.

Being model kits, we have the ability to paint them in any color we want; A luxury that most die cast collectors of these figures lack and being also able to switch parts one another, the sky is pretty much the limit.


If you like robots, especially those from the other side of the pond, then the Mechatro We Go models from Hasegawa are for you. I highly recommend them as a model builder and as a collector.

My sincere thanks to Carol from Hasegawa USA for the samples.

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George Collazo
George Collazo
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