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1/32 Trumpeter Me-262 W.I.P.

Well, I am off and running with my next project. The Me-262 from Trumpeter in 1/32 scale. I just started with the cockpit and so I thought I would show you. Speaking of cockpits; do you know how that term got started? It is a left over from old sailing ships. The place where the ship was piloted was a round pit built into the deck. It reminded the crews of the pits they used for cock fights. So, they called it a cockpit. In WW1, the place where the pilot would sit and control the airplane was just a hole cut in the fuselage and so the term was reborn for airplanes. LOL, I am just full of useless trivia!

I am using a Walk-around book to help me with the colors etc. Have a good week. Two weeks from Thursday, we will be going to Lakeland, Florida to watch the Thunderbirds perform. I haven’t seen them since they were flying F-4’s. Have a good rest of the week.

UPDATE FOR April, 14 2015

Hi again, I am still working on the Me-262 and as you can see from the pictures, I have a bit of the interior done. I am finding out with this model that nothing fits right. If there is a slot and a tab they have to be worked on to make them fit. Holes have to be made bigger or the pin won’t go in it. I also put the white 8 on the nose wheel door too soon because it is up too high and part of it doesn’t show. I may take it off and do Red 4 instead.


UPDATE FOR April, 15 2015

Here are the latest pictures.  I am done with the nose wheel well for now.  The next step is to start building the engines.  I am pleasantly surprised that it does not say to put any additional weight in the nose.  Most tricycle gear models are tail heavy.  I still intend to put a little weight in the nose.  I did scrape off the white 8 and made it into red 4.

UPDATE: MAY 12, 2015

Hey George,
I have a real problem. That Trumpeter model of the Me – 262 is a piece of junk. Nothing fits together. The engine nacelles have big gaps in the parts and I tried to put the two halves of the fuselage together and they won’t come together. I can not make it. I know you put it on your website but I am going to have to give up on it. I found out that Hasegawa makes one in a night fighter version. I am going to get it because I really like the aircraft. I think it was the best looking fighter till the F-86 came along. I am terribly sorry to ruin that website. I hope I didn’t cause too much trouble. The next one on the list is the Revell 1/32 He-219 A-7.


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Terry Cornell
Terry Cornell

Well, I am 64, fully retired and building models is my hobby. I built models as a child and then spent 20 years in the military. I retired from the Army and worked for USAirways as a Flight Crew Training Instructor for 14 years. I live in Kentucky and my wife and I enjoy traveling.

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    I haven’t updated this site for a while because I have had some problems with my computer. I am trying to find a way around it. All of a sudden it won’t recognize the format for the pictures coming from my camera.

    • No problem Terry. Thanks so much for the update. I hope you get this issue sorted out soon.