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1/32 Revell Fw190 F-8 (Build Log UPDATE)

I was excited when I heard that Revell was going to introduce yet another kit in 1:32. I have been impressed with their Uhu and with their Bf109s. I am also very pleased at the price…I paid less than $30 (delivered) for this. Once I got the kit in the mail, I inspected the sprues and was was very taken with the quality and detail. My experience with their 109s is that the fit would/should be good for the 190.

See this model kit finished here.

I started with fixing up the cockpit and liked the detail. Fit of the pieces were great…too bad, most of it will be covered up. I decided not to expose the engine, but the detail was outstanding. The fit was very good as the exhausts lined up perfectly. Next was the only tricky part…buttoning up the cowling…here is where the fit is not exactly perfect, but with some finesse and patients, the fit was more than satisfactory. I’ve masked off the canopy and the cockpit and will enter the painting stages soon.

UPDATE FOR 8/5/2015

I had some time to update my Fw190 the past few days and wanted to send an update:

I spent some time on the Butcher Bird over the weekend. Over the base RLM 65 (Hellblau), I applied RLM 75 (GrauViolet) and RLM 74 (GreyGreen). After applying some flat black near the exhaust panels up front, I applied some RLM 75 for the area of the fuselage for the german cross. I am very pleased at how this is turning out. Especially when I removed the masks covering the Camel Yellow areas…. I need to now apply decals (Eagle Editions) and washes….more to follow in a week or two.